Zach Hilgendorf joined us as a PhD candidate in geography at Arizona State University. He developed one of our first teaching modules for a replication study using his expertise in geomorphology to teach the Rosgen System of river and stream classification, building off of Kasprak et al’s (2016) comparison of four different river classification systems for the Middle Fork John Day Basin of Oregon. Zach prepared a set of instructional videos to teach fundamentals of geomorphology, learned how to calculate the majority of metrics used for a Rosgen classification using a LiDAR-based digital elevation model with GRASS and R, and wrote a set of instructions for Middlebury Open Source GIScience students to follow!

Learn more about Zach Hilgendorf and his work on ResearchGate and YouTube

Zach has earned his PhD and joined the geography department at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire as a visiting assistant professor!