Congratulations to Kufre Udoh, a spring 2021 graduate of Middlebury College with a major in Geography! Kufre Udoh started his open source GIS journey in the first edition of Open Source GIScience in Fall 2019, and continued the journey into spatial data science and research through numerous courses, self-study, and research experiences.

Kufre provided indispensable help in learning R and Python, specifically to implement solutions and troubleshoot problems for an R-based reproduction of Malcomb et al 2014 over the summer of 2020 and a Python-based reproduction of Kang et al 2020 over the winter term of 2021. He also made numerous improvements to the QNEAT3 plugin for network analysis in QGIS and contributed to the success of the Spring 2021 edition of the Open Source GIScience course by testing labs, troubleshooting problems, and providing teaching assistant support for QGIS Model Builder, PostGIS, R, and Python.

Learn more about Kufre Udoh and his work on GitHub.