Junyi (Emily) Zhou joined our project as a rising senior at Middlebury College studying Geography and minoring in Computer Science and Japanese. Emily took Open Source GIScience in fall 2021 and joined the team for a research assistantship in the summer of 2022. Emily immediately contributed to the project thanks to her excellence in geographic thinking, data analysis, visual design, and attention to detail. She first whipped the reproduction of Chakraborty 2021 into shape with a revamped visual workflow diagram, pre-analysis plan, legible code, and reproduction report, and then supported our first workshop at the UCGIS 2022 Symposium in Syracuse NY. For the remainder of the summer, Emily helped us dive deeper into the details of Kulldorff Spatial Scan statistics and Generalized Estimating Equations, test the methodology’s sensitivity to changing computational environments and methodological decisions, and launched a replication study replacing COVID-19 rates with data estimating excessive deaths. Emily presented her work at the AAG Meeting in Denver and the 2023 Middlebury Spring Student Symposium

Learn more about Emily and her work at emilyzhou112.github.io

Emily graduated from Middlebury in May 2023 to start a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning at the University of Pennsylvania! Congratulations!