Drew An-Pham joined our project as a rising senior-feb at Middlebury College studying Environmental Studies and Geography. Having taken Open Source GIScience with Joseph Holler in spring 2021, Drew’s interest in data visualization and desire to improve coding skills brought him to the HEGSRR project research on reproducibility and replicability within academia. As a research assistant over the summer of 2021, Drew reviewed the methods and data used in geospatial scientific publications, then implemented code to reproduce and validate the results of these past studies through data visualization checks and an open-source framework centered around transparency and ethics. As Drew looks forward to future career paths in data journalism and data visualization, he will remember the value of being able to trace back data in publications and use them to create matching or similar results/outputs within varying geographic and temporal contexts.

Over the summer of 2021, Drews’s primary contributions were improving the reproducibility and accuracy of the Malcomb et al 2014 model of climate vulnerability in Malawi and reproducing Chakraborty’s (2021) intra-categorical analysis of people with disabilities and COVID-19 incidence in R.

Learn more about Drew and his work on LinkedIn and www.drewanpham.com

Drew graduated from Middlebury in February 2023 and joined the editorial team at Science