We are pleased to announce the pre-release of our Github template for doing reproducible research in HEGS! Why create a template for your research? We believe that excellent reproducible research starts with structure for recording your research plan, managing your data, documenting your procedures, sharing your results, and tracking changes in your research as it evolves.

Key features of the template include:

  • Template for writing pre-analysis plans for original research, or for reproduction or replication studies.
  • Folder structure for procedures, data, results and documents.
  • Bare-bones metadata in comma-separated values documents, and a directory for complete metadata up to international standards.
  • It’s in git, facilitating collaboration and provenance.
  • In-progress: template Rmarkdown and Jupyter notebooks

Please watch the template repository to get updates as we commit improvements to the template, and offer us your wisdom and feedback using the repository’s issues. Look out for a white paper on this work soon!